Online Hindi Typing

Start Hindi Typing and learn typing in Hindi with a free online web application available in Kruti Dev and Mangal fonts. Our team has designed this web application with the utmost care so that users do not have problems typing in Hindi.

Guide To Online Hindi Typing

  1. Open the online Hindi Typing application in your browser.
  2. Select a Kruti-Dev or Mangal Font from the list.
  3. Place both index fingers on the "F" and "J" keys and both thumbs on the space bar.
  4. Click the "Start typing" button, as shown in the box, and press the keys according to the highlighted buttons.
  5. Once completed, accuracy and typing speed will appear on the screen. With more practice, you can increase your typing accuracy and speed.

Start typing online in your browser without installing it on your computer. The position of the fingers is the same for typing in Hindi and English. As shown in the photo below:

Online Hindi Typing

If you are in front of your computer before starting Hindi Typing, sit in the right posture to avoid muscle pain. We recommend that you exercise only 30 minutes a day. In 4-5 days you learn basic typing and reach the advanced level within a month. Complete 1 lesson each day and increase your typing speed. Depending on the time you practice, the accuracy and speed of typing will increase from day to day.